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6/26/05 - Sunday

"Gears and Ears at the DuPage County Fairgrounds!"

"The weather was HOT but so were the cars! Check out the 71 Camaro SS's first trip to a Car Show!"
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Points No More!

"Time to replace the old Points with a new MSD-8361 Pro-Billet Distributor! What Better timing, since the power is out!"
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6/25/05 - Saturday

Finally, Resolution to the Passenger Door Panel Restoration!

"With only hours to spare before the Car Show, the Door Panel came together. Now for a Midnight Wash & Wax"
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6/24/05 - Friday

Round and Round we go!

"OK, so it could have been anticipated better. But what would the fun in that be? "
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6/23/05 - Thursday

New Lessons Learned?

"...the quote un-quote easiest part of the door's reconstruction was the weatherstripping, right? Wrong..."
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6/22/05 - Wednesday

A Minor Job takes a turn for the worse:

"...little did I know, that a piece of window felt would cause such problems. Take my advice..."
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6/21/05 - Tuesday

Interior Remodeling Begins:

Passenger Door Panel & Weatherstripping Rebuild in progress

Oops...didn't have the retaining clips!
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Upcoming '71 Projects

Next Up-

  • Driver Door Panel & Weatherstripping (Currently in development)
  • Interior Carpetting
  • Stereo System
  • 4th Generation Center Console
  • 4th Generation Dash
  • TH-350 --> T-56 Transmission Swap
  • Engine Modifications
  • Fuel Injection Retrofit


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    1971 Camaro Gears and Ears Car Show 2005:

    The '71 Camaro's First Car Show Ever


    I never would have brought the car to the car show without a little bit of coaxing from my friend. Even though the car is in relatively good shape, I am more self-conscious about the car than a woman is about her butt. However, with some coaxing from Tom (John) Dixon, who was bringing up his immaculate '50 Ford as well as his Father bringing up his '50 Ford, and some assurance that it doesn't really matter what it looks like...finally I caved in and decided that it would be a good time regardless.

    Getting the old 2nd Generation F-Body Ready for the Car Show:

    6-25-05 - Late, Late Night!

    But before I could take it in to the show, I at least needed to give it a good bath. So after working all day to get the interior back in order, I set to work, vacuuming, washing and waxing the '71 Camaro SS.

    Here are a few shots of the '71 Camaro after a midnight wash and wax.

    Obviously these are not the stock rims for the '71 Camaro! They actually came off of a customer's car, when he decided to upgrade his '96 Camaro rims to a brand new set of '97 rims. I found the spacers (not a bolt through design, but a bolt-on design that has a second set of studs) through a Corvette company, can't remember their name now.

    es, for those who ask...the door handles were shaved. But they weren't shaved very well. The "Body Guy" if you can call him that, decided to ignore my instructions, and didn't weld a plate over the door handles. Instead, he used a strip of Duct Tape and bondoed over the Duct Tape. This is what you would call a POOR use of Duct Tape, and a POOR Example of Body Work!
    I know the car isn't perfect...that isn't why I am going to the car show. I am going to the car show to have some fun! After all, I wouldn't have this website if the car was already perfect. But any idiot can buy a car that is already completed. It takes someone who is dedicated to take what isn't perfect and make it their own project. To all those who restore and modify, We Salute You!

    he Tires are getting a bit old and worse for the wear, but after re-shoeing the 2002 SS for a G-Note...
    I am not ready to apply new rubber to this one yet!

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    Early Morning Sunday Car Show:

    6-26-05 - Sunday Morning - DuPage County Fairgrounds

    After a few wrong turns and calling J.D. again for directions, I finally arrived...to find that most of the cars had been there all day! As mentioned by the announcer while entering the pedestrian littered road, Camaros were traveling in packs that day. It seemed like every time an early 1st or 2nd Generation F-Body entered the Fair Grounds, it was followed by a late-model.

    Having located my friend J.D. we found a spot for the car just down a few spots, still within view of the tent he had set up. The Sun was blazing, and it was extremely HOT especially considering it was only 10 AM or so.

    Nestled in nicely next to the late 90's Impala, the '71 Camaro SS didn't really look out of place at all. Though the hood certainly wasn't going to be raised (definitely needed some cleaning and re-painting), I was happy to be there. At future shows, I will probably have less hesitation. I was happy to see the comraderie amongst fellow enthusiasts. The Sun baking on the passenger window probably helped the new weatherstripping conform to the newly adjusted window.

    By Far my favorite picture from the show! Just the right angle to avoid the imperfections and show off the great looks of the 2nd Generation F-Body Design.

    Though it was registered, I wasn't expecting to win any awards...just to have fun. I thumb my nose at all of those people who walked past and laughed about the botched door handle shaving...YES OBVIOUSLY they are messed up! Do I laugh at the pimple on your nose? Besides, maybe they don't know how difficult it is to find an honest body guy who does good work!

    A Great shot of the '50 Fords that I was with, the '71 is further in the background and paled in comparison to the '50s. Honorable mention to the owner of the ~'39 Red Truck as well. He came over to share our shade in the afternoon. Nice Guy. The VW was interesting too, you can't tell from the picture, but there was a lawn chair set up inside.

    I do love to see the old SS's! This one was in particularly good shape.

    There seemed to be excellent turn-out from Numbers-Matching Restos to all-out mods and everything in between.

    Another great 2nd Generation F-Body. This one has the hood I will need, and the striping that I will be having applied. I just have to make sure that I get a hood with enough clearance for a Fuel Injection manifold. After the show, I checked into it more in the D&R Catalog, and they have 2, 3 and 6" Cowl Induction hoods.

    Ok, Ok...I know the Mustang is the sworn enemy of the F-body, but you have to pay tribute where it is due. This was a particularly clean resto and a beautiful car at that!

    This one is for my brother Thomas, who will especially appreciate the beauty of this car. Too bad it's best features are still hidden under the hood. This was a car before its time.

    Once the '71 Camaro is completed, I hope to find one of these!  After all, I want to eventually complete the SS collection! This one was in great shape, and beautifully cared for.

    I could spend days in this Car Show and never see everything. The great body work, customizations, and restorations were everywhere! Nothing like making me a bit more self conscious of the '71's deteriorating paint and body work, though it is very encouraging that there MUST be good body guys out there somewhere!

    I wasn't sure about the remniscent Torque-Thrust style rims on this 4th Gen, but after a few minutes they really began to grow on me. Hmm, if I replaced the rims on the 2002 SS, then I could upgrade the 71's rims to a 2002 model...

    This was an excellent example of what I want to do with the engine compartment of the '71 SS. I stopped in for a time to discuss the work with the owner. I found out that he hadn't done much with it yet, that he had bought it in pretty much a completed state. But someone put in some long hours on this Second Gen Camaro (Mock Z28)

    Even the Washer Bottle and the Chrome plated body supports added flare.

    Now there are some interior ideas! I have been going back and forth between replacing the dashboard with a 4th Generation version, or just replacing the guage cluster with a stainless or painted one. This makes the decision even tougher...because it looks very good!

    Finally a side shot of the Second Gen mock Z28. The owner, pictured here, was just getting ready to pack it up for the day, as it was getting even hotter as the day went on! I shared the sentiment and packed up the '71 shortly after.

    Well the Gears and Ears Car Show was a big success! I think this will definitely have to be a regular pilgrimmage. Hopefully next year, the 1971 Camaro will be in even better shape!

    To anyone who hasn't considered bringing their car to a car show, think again! It is a great deal of fun, and you would be surprised how accepting the fellow enthusiasts are!

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