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Project Updates

6/26/05 - Sunday

"Gears and Ears at the DuPage County Fairgrounds!"

"The weather was HOT but so were the cars! Check out the 71 Camaro SS's first trip to a Car Show!"
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Points No More!

"Time to replace the old Points with a new MSD-8361 Pro-Billet Distributor! What Better timing, since the power is out!"
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6/25/05 - Saturday

Finally, Resolution to the Passenger Door Panel Restoration!

"With only hours to spare before the Car Show, the Door Panel came together. Now for a Midnight Wash & Wax"
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6/24/05 - Friday

Round and Round we go!

"OK, so it could have been anticipated better. But what would the fun in that be? "
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6/23/05 - Thursday

New Lessons Learned?

"...the quote un-quote easiest part of the door's reconstruction was the weatherstripping, right? Wrong..."
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6/22/05 - Wednesday

A Minor Job takes a turn for the worse:

"...little did I know, that a piece of window felt would cause such problems. Take my advice..."
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6/21/05 - Tuesday

Interior Remodeling Begins:

Passenger Door Panel & Weatherstripping Rebuild in progress

Oops...didn't have the retaining clips!
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Upcoming '71 Projects

Next Up-

  • Driver Door Panel & Weatherstripping (Currently in development)
  • Interior Carpetting
  • Stereo System
  • 4th Generation Center Console
  • 4th Generation Dash
  • TH-350 --> T-56 Transmission Swap
  • Engine Modifications
  • Fuel Injection Retrofit


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    1971 Camaro Interior Restoration / Remodeling:

    Day 3 Second Generation Camaro Passenger Door Panel


    By now, I expected to not only be done with the door panel of the passenger door, but I expected to have the Driver's Door (which was in worse shape) completed as well! Well, that didn't happen!! Luckily I have learned much patience over the years, and have been able to address the issues as they come up. Also, now that I have 3 other cars, I am not in a race to get it back on the street so I can get to work.

    Today we will begin with the installation of the weatherstripping (both upper and lower). On this vehicle, the upper weatherstripping is attached to the Body and the lower weatherstripping is attached to the Door. It seems like the original weatherstripping on the '71 Camaro is in fact the original! It is completely dry-rotted and cracked. Certainly one of those things that has been on the agenda for quite some time.

    Day 3 '71 Camaro SS Interior Parts List:After finding D&R Classic Industrieslkkkkk

    • No Additional Parts were needed for today!

    Installing the '71 Camaro SS Passenger Lower Weatherstripping:

    The new lower weatherstripping was branded as Super-Soft. It came in the complete weatherstripping kit purchased from D&R Classic Automotive. It certainly lived up to its name, the weatherstripping was super soft! The first thing I noticed, as I started the installation on the back side of the door, the aftermarket weatherstripping was not quite as nice as the original factory style. The original style had a metal plate underneath the rubber that was bonded in place, and allowed for bolting the weatherstripping to the door...while the aftermarket version, was 100% rubber with no metal, and no way to bolt it in place. Instead, the weatherstrip had small plastic pins. Unfortunately, these pins didn't fit very well into the holes that once held the screws. This made the pins very difficult to push into place. After fighting with one for about 20 minutes, I broke the plastic pin, and reverted back to the original screw. While I knew that the screw wouldn't hold the all rubber weatherstripping quite as well as the metal plate in the original, it would do at least as well as the plastic pin...I hope.

    The weatherstripping seemed to very nicely match the contours of the door, and stretch into place very nicely. The white plastic pins (which were also in place in the center of the original weatherstripping) all lined up properly with the holes around the door, and pushed in nicely, holding the weatherstripping securely in place. No complaints so far (except for the 2 black plastic pins in place of screws).

    Stretching the weatherstrip into place was no problem at all. Just make sure that you have the correct pin lined up with the correct hole! These pins wouldn't be easy to pull out once you have them in place!

    Here is a slightly better view of the front end of the weatherstripping. I fought with the plastic pin in the center of the view for 10-20 minutes, before breaking the pin and replacing it with the original screw!

    All-In-All installing the Lower Weatherstripping was easier than I had anticipated...
    Now to move on to the upper.

    Installing the '71 Camaro SS Passenger Upper Weatherstripping:

    This time, I anticipated the plastic plugs, and automatically inserted the original screws in their place before beginning the install. Still not sure if this was the best thing to do for durability, but only time will tell!

    The upper weatherstripping fit very nicely against the front edge of the door frame on the body.

    OK, it was bound to happen eventually! The first major snag in the weatherstripping installation! The back portion of the upper weatherstripping didn't even come close to matching the original contours of the weatherstripping, or even the door for that matter. An ugly buldge appeared! Well as long as it doesn't affect the window's operation or the door closing, NO PROBLEM!....he he he...

    Adjusting the 71 Camaro's Window:

    Well naturally I had to test the door after installing the weatherstripping. Unfortunately, it didn't look good at all!
    Note: this shot was taken from inside the car, looking up at the rear portion of the window.
    The window wasn't sealed at all, in fact, the door would barely even close!

    So at this point, I blamed the problem on the big unsightly buldge at the back of the upper weatherstripping, and tried to compensate by adjusting the window. Notice how the upper weatherstripping buldges out and pretty much blocks the path of the window.
    Note: Window is rolled down and door is closed in this photo.

    Yet another view of the dilemna. With the door closed, it was completely impossible to close the window, the bulb shown at left totally blocked its path.

    What I Didn't notice at this point? The fact that the outer window seal wasn't really contacting the window either...more to come.

    My Patience for the '71 Camaro was wearing thin, so I went in to email the guys at D&R Camaro, to see if they had any ideas.

    And the 90+ degree 92% Humidity has once again stretched into the Evening...
    Maybe tomorrow will be a cooler day!!!!

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