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Why should we all make the same mistakes? Let me make the mistakes, we can all learn from them!

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Project Updates

6/26/05 - Sunday

"Gears and Ears at the DuPage County Fairgrounds!"

"The weather was HOT but so were the cars! Check out the 71 Camaro SS's first trip to a Car Show!"
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Points No More!

"Time to replace the old Points with a new MSD-8361 Pro-Billet Distributor! What Better timing, since the power is out!"
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6/25/05 - Saturday

Finally, Resolution to the Passenger Door Panel Restoration!

"With only hours to spare before the Car Show, the Door Panel came together. Now for a Midnight Wash & Wax"
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6/24/05 - Friday

Round and Round we go!

"OK, so it could have been anticipated better. But what would the fun in that be? "
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6/23/05 - Thursday

New Lessons Learned?

"...the quote un-quote easiest part of the door's reconstruction was the weatherstripping, right? Wrong..."
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6/22/05 - Wednesday

A Minor Job takes a turn for the worse:

"...little did I know, that a piece of window felt would cause such problems. Take my advice..."
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6/21/05 - Tuesday

Interior Remodeling Begins:

Passenger Door Panel & Weatherstripping Rebuild in progress

Oops...didn't have the retaining clips!
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Upcoming '71 Projects

Next Up-

  • Driver Door Panel & Weatherstripping (Currently in development)
  • Interior Carpetting
  • Stereo System
  • 4th Generation Center Console
  • 4th Generation Dash
  • TH-350 --> T-56 Transmission Swap
  • Engine Modifications
  • Fuel Injection Retrofit


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    1971 Camaro Interior Restoration / Remodeling:

    Day 4 Second Generation Camaro Passenger Door Panel


    By now, I had heard back from the guys at D&R, who admitted that the plastic pins were not quite as nice as the original metal plates and screws on the weatherstripping, and suggested heat and pressure, to try and mold the weatherstripping back into place. These guys were very helpful and supportive...more so than most parts suppliers I have used. Looking at the late-model 2002 Camaro SS, I noted that the same plastic pins were now used on the factory weatherstripping.

    Today fueled by the support of the guys at D&R, and with some more advice from Paco at a local body shop, I started to adjust the window. Sorry no pictures today...just frustration. While Paco described the adjustments to me very well, I just couldn't place what was wrong with the window. I tried one adjustment after the next, and each time closed the door and noted the position of the window. It all didn't make sense, and the sweat continued to pour off of me. *When will this Heat Wave end?* The News reported today to be the hottest day in the past 6 years in the Chicagoland area...so what would possess a normally intellegent individual such as myself to stick it out in the garage? Boredom? Temporary Insanity?  Determination to get it done before the Car Show this weekend? Probably the latter...mixed with a few other reasons.

    Well today wasn't as productive as I would have liked. It seemed like every time I got the back of the window to line up, the front window took a nose dive inwards and would hit the body before it closed. I left the window this evening, in pretty much the same shape that it started in...How annoying!  Maybe tomorrow will be a better day...I Hope!!! Since the Car Show is on Sunday, 6-26-05 and I already promised I would go!

    Day 4 '71 Camaro SS Interior Parts List:After finding D&R Classic Industrieslkkkkk

    • 8 Cans Diet Cherry 7-Up (To help cool off)
    • 1 Wet Washrag (To Mop up Sweat)
    • 1 Pack of Cigarettes (To Calm Nerves)

    Today I had been beaten. Pathetic to think that I was out-smarted by a 30 year old door!

    And the Heat Index today was at 112 degrees. You have to be kidding me!
    Maybe tomorrow will be a cooler day (Maybe I should stop wishing)!!!!

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