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Why should we all make the same mistakes? Let me make the mistakes, we can all learn from them!

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Project Updates

6/26/05 - Sunday

"Gears and Ears at the DuPage County Fairgrounds!"

"The weather was HOT but so were the cars! Check out the 71 Camaro SS's first trip to a Car Show!"
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Points No More!

"Time to replace the old Points with a new MSD-8361 Pro-Billet Distributor! What Better timing, since the power is out!"
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6/25/05 - Saturday

Finally, Resolution to the Passenger Door Panel Restoration!

"With only hours to spare before the Car Show, the Door Panel came together. Now for a Midnight Wash & Wax"
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6/24/05 - Friday

Round and Round we go!

"OK, so it could have been anticipated better. But what would the fun in that be? "
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6/23/05 - Thursday

New Lessons Learned?

"...the quote un-quote easiest part of the door's reconstruction was the weatherstripping, right? Wrong..."
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6/22/05 - Wednesday

A Minor Job takes a turn for the worse:

"...little did I know, that a piece of window felt would cause such problems. Take my advice..."
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6/21/05 - Tuesday

Interior Remodeling Begins:

Passenger Door Panel & Weatherstripping Rebuild in progress

Oops...didn't have the retaining clips!
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Upcoming '71 Projects

Next Up-

  • Driver Door Panel & Weatherstripping (Currently in development)
  • Interior Carpetting
  • Stereo System
  • 4th Generation Center Console
  • 4th Generation Dash
  • TH-350 --> T-56 Transmission Swap
  • Engine Modifications
  • Fuel Injection Retrofit


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Current Project:

Watch this page for updates of what we are currently working on,
but have not had the time to build the page for yet

Driver's Side Door Panel Replacement - This one looked worse than the Passenger side, but is turning out to be an easier project...good thing I learned soo much with the passenger side!

View some pictures of the project below: (We will develop the full-page soon)

I finally figured out how to take the pictures close up while working too!

The Driver's Door Panel was in much worse shape than the passenger side initially.  I found out just how bad the 2nd Generation Camaro's door panel was once I started tearing into it!

The 2nd Gen Camaro's Armrest Pad was beat-up pretty bad!  Good thing I had a new one from D&R Camaro!

At one time, I tried installing a set of front speakers in the '71 Camaro SS.  They didn't fit too well so I won't be trying that again!

The weatherstripping on the 2nd Generation Camaro's Driver side door was probably the worst part of the door.  At least on the surface!

A few extra screws had been added in to the 2nd Gen Camaro's driver's door panel, since the clips had long since been lost!

I learned MANY lessons from Restoring the Passenger door on the 71 Camaro SS!  This time, I marked ALL of the adjustments, which made the adjustment of the window in the 2nd Generation Camaro MUCH EASIER!!!

The 2nd Gen Camaro's original Upper molded door panel was still in pretty good shape, but I might as well replace it, since I already bought it.

The Second Generation Camaro's lower weatherstripping fit MUCH BETTER on the Driver's Door!  Many less problems!

The inner window seal w/chrome trim fit perfectly on the drivers side upper molded door panel of the 71 Camaro SS.

Something always comes up!  One of the weatherstripping screws for the upper weatherstripping on the 2nd Gen Camaro was seized.  it took a little bit of work, but a left-handed drill bit finally freed the upper weatherstripping for the 2nd Generation Camaro SS!

With the window adjusted properly, and the upper door panel installed, I trimmed the Dynamat insulation back to allow the door panel to fit onto the door correctly.  We are very close to completion of the 2nd Gen Camaro SS's Driver side Door Panel

The Second-Generation Door Panel has never looked so good!  At least not since I have owned it.  The only parts that are not new now, are the inner door handle and door handle trim.